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Awakening is the five part series premiere of the Gargoyles series. It was also released on VHS, in a condensed format, as Gargoyles: The Heros Awakening.


Part 1

Act I

A crowd walking through the streets of New York is startled by sounds of explosions from the top of a building obscured by clouds. The crowd scatters as debis rains down from the clouds. Stone and steel crash into the street, causing quite a bit of damage. The crowd watches the sky in fear as the police arrive. A female detective pulls up and indentifies herself as Maza, 23rd precinct. She asks the officer in charge what is going on. As he answers that he doesn't know more debris falls into the street. She orders the crowd back and notices what appears to be claw marks in one of the stones that have fallen. She narrowly dodges still more falling debris. A fire hydrant is hit, dousing the crowd. Maza looks again at the claw marks as the water spreads and wonders what could be strong enough the leave claw marks in solid stone.

The year is 994 A.D.. A castle in Scotland is under seige from a band of Vikings. Catapults hurl huge boulders into the battlements. The castle's defense is failing. The Captain of the Guard reassures his men that they can hold the castle a few minutes more until sunset. He glances up at the stone gargoyles perched on the tower. "Then we'll see some fun," he chuckles.

In the Viking ranks, a soldier tells his comrade that the attack on a castle full of gargoyles is crazy. Their leader, Hakon overhears and says that his sanity shouldn't be questioned. "I say those gargoyles are naught but chiseled stone," he yells, "and even if they're not, it's worth the risk for the plunder within." He gives the order to attack, and the Vikings storm the castle. They overrun the defense, and ascend the tower. The sun sets just as Hakon reaches the gargoyle at the top of the highest tower. He stares unbelievingly as the statue's stony exterior cracks and falls away, revealing a living, breathing gargoyle underneath. The Vikings back away in fear as the other gargoyles come to life as well. Goliath notices the intruder and picks him up by one arm. "You are trespassing," Goliath thunders. Undaunted, Hakon swings his sword at Goliath, who catches it. A slow trickle of blood oozes from Goliath's palm. Hakon orders his men to attack, that the gargoyles are not invincible. The gargoyles attack, and easily overwhelm the Vikings. As the vikings flee, Hakon shouts that he'll be back. The Captain of the Guard thanks Goliath for his help.

Later that evening, there is a celebration in the dining hall. Several of the guards joke about their recent plight. The Captain overhears them laughing at his alliance with the gargoyles. The Captain sits at his table, and the Princess thanks him for fighting well. He refuses the credit, saying that the gargoyles were the true heroes. The Princess dismisses his opinion, saying that they are monsters. The door to the dining hall opens. Goliath and his mate, Demona enter (only Goliath is named at this point, but for clarity, I will use the other gargoyles future names).

Act II

The attendees at the banquet are outraged by the appearance of the gargoyles. The Captain apologizes and explains that he invited them to be recognized for their bravery. The princess expresses her anger at his decision. Her advisor, the Magus agrees with her and says that no good could come from associating with these unnatural creatures. The gargoyles approach the head table, and Goliath spreads his wings. The air forces the princess back in her chair, but Goliath merely folds his wings into a cape and bows to the Princess. The Captain remarks that they named him well, as he is as good a soldier as the Philistine giant. The Princess reminds the Captain that the Biblical Goliath was also a bully and a savage. Demona growls at the Princess, but Goliath calms her and excuses himself. The Princess informs the Captain that in the future, he should report to the Magus, not directly to her. The Captain leaves.

The Captain follows Goliath and Demona down a hallway and apologizes for the Princess's outburst. Goliath dismisses his apology, saying that her opinion does not matter. Demona recants saying that saved the humans' lives, and now they are repaid with contempt. The Captain agrees with her. She continues, saying that the cliffs were their home ages before the humans came. Goliath calms her once again. "Their ways, are not our ways," he says. She commends his patience.

The Magus returns to his chambers and consults his spellbook.

As the next day dawns, the gargoyles are once again immobilized in stone on the parapets. A hooded figure rides out of the castle, and heads toward the Viking encampment. Once there, he talks to Hakon about arranging a bargain for the fall of the castle. Hakon listens.

After nightfall, Goliath removes the bandage from his hand, which has now healed. The Captain says that the Vikings may return at sunrise, and that the gargoyles should chase them away once and for all. Demona agrees. Goliath refuses to leave the castle unguarded. The Captain persists, reminding Goliath that their leader swore he'd be back. Goliath reluctantly agrees, but says that he will go alone. Demona argues that it would be too dangerous. He reassures her that he won't go by himself, and he leaves her in charge. He reminds her of their love and leaves.

In the courtyard, Broadway is eating, while Lexington, Brooklyn, and Bronx are playing a game of catch with a ham. Demona alights on the tower above and watches the young ones at play. A boy watches the scene from a nearby camp and walks over just as Bronx catches the ham. He introduces himself as Tom and asks the gargoyles' names. Lexington replies that, except for Goliath, they don't have names (yet). Tom asks how they tell each other apart. Lex answers that they look different. Tom persists, asking what they call each other. "Friend," says Brooklyn. Tom's mother runs over and yells at the gargoyles to get away. Brooklyn says that they wouldn't harm the boy, but Tom's mother calls them beasts and throws a stick, hitting Brooklyn. Demona lands and says that the humans are the beasts. Brooklyn and Lexington say that if they are to be called beasts, they should live up to the name. They growl and advance toward the humans.


The gargoyles advance on the humans, who run away when Bronx barks at them. Broadway hears the commotion and thinks that they are under attack again. Goliath and Hudson land in the middle of the foray. Goliath angrily send Brooklyn, Lexington, Broadway, and Bronx to the rookery. Brooklyn apologizes, saying that they meant no harm. Goliath is not swayed, and they sadly go down into the rookery. Demona protests that they were not at fault, the humans were. Goliath says that no matter who was at fault, he cannot condone fighting between the gargoyles and their human charges. He says that he will make it up to them later, but now he has business to attend to.

Goliath and Hudson fly over the countryside, looking for the Vikings. They see tracks leading into a forest, and land to investigate. Hudson says that the tracks are very light for horses carrying armored men. He and Goliath follow the tracks into the forest.

In the rookery, Brooklyn remarks on how embarassing the situation is. Broadway says that he hasn't been down here since he hatched, while Lexington examines the eggs in the nest. Broadway goes to a stalactite, pulls some slime off of it, sniffs and eats it. Lexington watches in disgust, hoping that they aren't there long. Broadway might eat them he quips.

In the castle armory, someone tampers with the bowstrings.

Goliath and Hudson follow the tracks. Hudson reminds Goliath of the approaching sunrise, and that they should return. Goliath spots the Vikings, and they attack. However, they are only attacking a few men that are leading the horses. It was a decoy to lead them from the castle. They hurry back to the castle, but are caught by the sunrise and immobilized.

At the castle, the Vikings attack. The guards on the battlements aim their bows, but the strings break, leaving them defenseless. Someone raises the portcullis, and the Vikings storm the castle, easily overrunning it.

Inside the castle, the Princess runs to the Captain for help. He grabs her arm, saying that it is worse than that.

The Vikings take the castle and lead off their prisoners. On one of the parapets, Hakon and the Captain are talking. Hakon asks why the Captain would betray his own kind. The Captain answers that they are not his kind. Hakon walks over to a gargoyle and raises his mace. The Captain stops him, saying that it is not necessary. The gargoyles won't follow once they are out of sight of the castle. Hakon shoves the Captain out of the way and smashes all of the gargoyles to rubble.

Hudson and Goliath return after sunset and find the castle in flames. He alights on Demona's perch, picks up her crumbled remains and roars in anguish.

Part 2

Act I

Goliath picks up Demona's shattered remains and roars in anguish. On the ground, Hudson examines the bowstrings and sees that they have been cut. "There was betrayal here," he says. Brooklyn, Lexington, Broadway, and Bronx come out of the rookery and gasp at the devastation. Goliath lands and asks if any more were in the rookery. Broadway answers that it was only them. Hudson observes that all the humans are gone, probably taken prisoner. Goliath, full of rage, says that they will find the Vikings, save the humans, and they will have their revenge. They fly off with Bronx following on foot.

At the Viking camp, a victory celebration is underway. Spirits are not so bright among the prisoners, however. Tom's mother is crying, but Tom reassures her that the gargoyles will come and save them. "Nay," she says, "the gargoyles were destroyed."

In a nearby cave, Hakon and the Captain have the Princess and Magus tied. They discuss ransoming the two of them. Magus threatens them with his book of spells. Hakon laughs and dismisses his threat. He picks up the book, tears out a few pages and burns them. The Princess says that she will see them both hang. Hakon walks toward her, and warns her not to vex him. A roar is heard outside.

Hakon and the Captain run out of the cave as the gargoyles attack the camp. Hakon questions the Captain, since he said that they wouldn't follow. The Captain says they wouldn't have if he hadn't smashed the others. Hakon runs back into the cave and grabs the Princess. He says that the gargoyles have come, and she tells him that he is a dead man. He agrees, but tells her she goes first as he draws a dagger. She breaks his grasp and runs off with Hakon and the Captain in pursuit. The Magus calls for help and tries to free himself.

Goliath sees the princess running from the two men and follows. The other gargoyles make short work of the Vikings and chase them off. The Magus frees himself and walks out of the cave. "Fools," he says to the gargoyles, "she'd be alive now if you hadn't come." Hudson asks for the whereabouts of the princess. The Magus answers that she is dead, and he would do the same to them if he could wield a sword. Instead, he opens his spell book and begins to recite an incantation.

At a precipice overlooking the sea, Hakon catches the Princess. He raises his blade, but stops when Goliath lands. Goliath sees the Captain, and realizes that he was the betrayer. The Captain protests, pleading with Goliath that it was not to be this way. Goliath advances, saying that all of his kind are dead, and that the two of them will soon be as well. Thinking of his own neck, Hakon blames the Captain for smashing the gargoyles. In a fit of rage, the Captain lunges at Hakon, and sends them all flying off the cliff. Goliath catches the Princess as the other two fall to their deaths. Goliath unties the Princess and peers over the edge. "I've been denied everything," he roars, "even my revenge!" The princess starts to say something, but is interrupted by Tom. He runs to Goliath and tells him that he has to help the others.

Goliath returns to the camp and finds his friends in stone at night. "What sorcery is this," he thunders. The Magus tells him that it is sorcery, and that he will join them. The Princess walks out from behind Goliath. The Magus sees her and drops the spellbook. She asks him what he has done. He answers that he thought she was dead, and was mad with grief. Goliath picks him up and demands that he reverse the spell. The Magus says he can't, since Hakon burned the page with the counterspell. Goliath drops him and hangs his head. "Now I am truly alone," he says. The princess asks if the Magus turned them to stone forever. The Magus replies that the terms of the spell were that they would sleep until the castle rises above the clouds.

Back at the castle, Goliath gently places his friends on their perches. The Princess and the Magus apologize for the wrong they have done him. Goliath asks what the Princess will do now. She answers that she will take her people to her uncle, the king since it is no longer safe for them here. Goliath tells her that the eggs in the rookery will soon hatch. He asks her to care for them. She agrees. Goliath turns to the Magus and asks him to cast his spell once more. The full moon shines over Goliath, sleeping until the castle rises above the clouds.

Act II

One thousand years later, the castle is in ruin. David Xanatos arrives and admires it. He runs up the tower, where Goliath is still sleeping. "Magnificent," Xanatos says. He calls to his assistant, Owen Burnett, to make the offer. Own reminds him how expensive it will be. Xanatos tells him to start hiring crews. Owen replies that it will be difficult, since the locals consider the castle haunted. Xanatos smirks, "You know the answer to that, Owen. Pay a man enough, and he'll walk barefoot into Hell."

Work crews converge on the castle and begin to disassemble it. The gargoyles are carefully packed away in padded boxes. Barges and helicopters ferry off large pieces of the castle.

Above the skyline of New York City, Xanatos flies to his headquarters in his private helicopter. The chopper rises above the clouds near a massive skyscraper. The clouds part to reveal the castle perched on top of the tower. The helicopter lands in the castle courtyard as the sun begins to set. Xanatos walks to the top to the tower and stands next to Goliath. "Don't disappoint me," he says to the statue. The cloudtops pass by beneath the castle. The sun sets and a storm brews. It begins to rain. The stone cracks and Goliath frees himself from his long slumber. He stretches and lets out a mighty roar. On their perches below, the other gargoyles awaken as well. Goliath flies down to them, and they have a joyful reunion. It is cut short, however, when they notice where they are. They see the New York skyline, and are awestruck. Xanatos walks up to them and is greeted by a growl from Bronx. "You are the one called Goliath," he asks. "Yes..." Goliath answers. Xanatos smiles, "Excellent."

The gargoyles follow Xanatos to his study. Goliath asks how long they were asleep. Xanatos' answer is that it may be a shock, but they've been sleeping for a thousand years. He explains that he learned of the castle from an ancient book that he recently acquired. The Magus wrote their story in his spellbook after he left the castle. Xanatos offers to answer any questions they have. Hudson asks how he broke the spell. Xanatos answers that it was simple, since the spell was made to end when the castle rose above the clouds. Lexington asks about the eggs in the rookery. Xanatos says that the eggs are gone and that they are the last of their kind. Goliath is confused and asks why he has done all this. Xanatos says he was fascinated by the Magus' story and wanted to see if it was true. He continues, saying that he wants to be their friend, and that they could do much for each other. "Such as..." Goliath asks. Before Xanatos can answer, the sound of a helicopter can be heard outside. Xanatos remarks that he is not expecting anyone, but he goes to investigate. He tells the gargoyles to remain there to be safe. They are not quick to trust him, and follow to see for themselves.

Outside, a helicopter rises above the battlements and drops off several commandos. They disperse, surround Xanatos, and raise their weapons. Xanatos asks them what they want. Their leader answers that he'll know soon enough.


The gargoyles watch what is going on from the shadows. Brooklyn asks who these people are. Hudson answers that they are attacking the castle, and that's all they need to know. They emerge from the shadows and attack. The commandos are not as easy to defeat as the Vikings, however. By their weapons, the gargoyles surmise that they must be fighting sorcerers. Goliath says that they will defend the castle at any cost. It's all they have left. Xanatos runs to a secret compartment in the castle wall, and grabs a laser rifle. He joins in the battle. As Xanatos aims his laser, a commando knocks him off balance. The laser rips into the castle walls and sends debris flying into the street below.

On the street level, pedestrians dodge the flying stone and metal. The police arrive on the scene. Elisa Maza pulls up as well.

In the castle, a commando throws a grenade at Goliath. The explosion sends him sailing off the wall. His wings won't catch enough air to slow him down, so he digs his claws into the side of the building, and slowly comes to a stop.

More debris falls into the street. Elisa warns the crowd back and notices claw marks in a piece of stone that has fallen.

Inside the castle, one commando has broken off from the others and runs through the castle. He comes upon a locked door, which he opens with a small explosive device. Outside, another commando throws a gas grenade and incapacitates Goliath. The other one runs out of the castle with a briefcase in his hands. The leader launches a flare to signal the helicopter. The chopper lands, and the commandos run on board. Xanatos refuses to let them leave and aims his laser at the helicopter. The leader sees him and lobs a throwing star. The star knocks the laser from Xanatos' hands, and the helicopter flies off.

The gargoyles regroup and speculate on what it was that they just witnessed. Xanatos thanks Goliath for his help. Goliath is still mistrusting and asks why he was attacked. Xanatos says that he is very rich and has many enemies. He asks the gargoyles to stay to defend their home and his headquarters. Goliath considers for a moment and agrees. He tells Xanatos that they are grateful to him for breaking the spell, but that they will never trust humans again.

On the street below, the police have cordoned off an area around the building. A uniformed officer asks Maza what she thinks that was all about. She says that she doesn't know, but that she is going to find out.

Part 3

Act I

Detective Maza and Owen are talking in the castle. Owen apologizes for the incident, which he attributes to an exploding generator. He says that Mr. Xanatos has agreed to pay for any damages. Elisa doesn't buy the story. She says that she heard automatic weapons fire. She tells Owen that he can either let her look around now, or she can come back with a warrant and many more police.

Owen takes Elisa to Xanatos, who explains that he just got off the phone with the mayor, apologizing for the incident. She asks him what really happened. Xanatos says that the generator story was for the press. The truth is that his men repelled an invasion by a rival corporation. They attempted to steal some of the technology that his company was developing. Elisa quips that he is a private citizen, not a country. His answer is that his company is bigger than most countries she could name. They walk out to the courtyard, which is in a state of disarray. Smoking debris are strewn everywhere. Elisa asks him if he had permits for the weapons she heard. He does. Goliath watches the two of them from a parapet.

Meanwhile, Brooklyn, Lexington, and Broadway have found the kitchen. They are taken in by all the strange devices. Brooklyn walks over to the stove and wonders what all the small dials do. He turns one and jumps back as one of the burners ignites. He bumps into Lexington, who goes flying into a rack full of pots and pans. Broadway finds the freezer, which contains enough food for a huge banquet. He is in heaven as he grabs as much as he can carry. Lexington unknowingly shuts the door to the freezer. Broadway yells out for help. Brooklyn and Lexington pull on the door, and tell Broadway to push. He backs up, and runs toward the door. He hits the door just as the other two pull it open, and gargoyles and food sail across the room.

Owen interrupts Xanatos and Elisa, and says there is a problem in the kitchen with their new guests. Xanatos excuses himself and asks Owen to show her out. After Xanatos leaves, Elisa sees Hudson on one of the walls. Owen asks her what she sees, and she replies that she thought she saw that gargoyle move. Owen chuckles that the castle can be spooky at night and he has often thought the same thing himself. He rings the elevator and tells her goodnight.

In the elevator, Elisa hits the stop button and gets off at the next floor. She wants to continue her investigation on her own. She wanders through the castle and jokes to herself about Dracula appearing. She begins to ascend a flight of stairs when she hears a noise behind her. She turns, but sees nothing and walks on. Bronx walks in, sniffs the air, and follows her up the steps. The stairs lead to one of the castle's ramparts. Maza admires the view, but hears someone behind her. She draws her gun, but gasps when she sees Bronx. She takes aim at him, but Goliath lands and takes her gun before she can fire. He smashes it in his hand. Elisa is frightened and backs up. Unfortunately, the only thing behind her is a low wall and empty space. She falls over the side and plunges downward.

Act II

As Elisa falls off the building, Goliath dives after her. He catches her and spreads his wings. They swoop over the street, startling passersby, and land safely on a ledge. Elisa starts at the first good look she gets of her savior. She speaks softly to Goliath, as if to soothe a savage beast. Golaith asks her why she was in the castle. She is surprised at his ability to talk and asks him what he is. "My kind have no names," he replies, "but you humans call me Goliath." She takes his statement to mean there is more than one of him. "Barely..." he sighs as he turns to leave. Elisa asks him to wait. They need to get off the ledge, and she suggests that he fly them up to the castle. He explains that he can't fly. He can only glide on currents of wind, and there are none strong enough near the ledge to lift them up. She asks if they are stuck. He sighs again, lifts her to his shoulders, and tells her to hold on. He digs his claws into the side of the building and hoists himself up the side. Elisa is frightened, but he tells her to trust him.

At the top of the building, Goliath lets Elisa down. Bronx is still there and growls. Elisa had forgotten about him and backs up again. Goliath pats Bronx and assures her that he will not hurt her. He asks again why she is in the castle, and tells her not to fall off the building again.

Hudson walks out of the castle with Brooklyn, Lexington, and Broadway. He scolds them for making such a mess of the kitchen. Lexington interrupts him when he notices Goliath talking to Elisa.

Goliath tells Maza their story, and she asks if anyone else knows about them. He answers that only Xanatos knows. The other gargoyles walk up. Brooklyn sniffs Elisa and asks Goliath if she is a new friend and Elisa says she hopes that. Goliath introduces Elisa and says that she is a detective. Hudson asks what a detective does. Elisa tries to explain that when someone does something wrong, she finds out who and arrests them. Goliath asks who decides what's wrong. Maza explains that there is a justice system based on laws that the people decide. "You mean the humans decide," says Goliath. He notices the dawn beginning to break, and tells he she has to leave now. Elisa asks if she will see him again. She is grateful for him saving her life and offers to show him the city. Goliath agrees. She offers to meet him in the afternoon. He replies that it must be after dark. She asks if she should come to the castle. He points to a nearby rooftop. She asks why there. He asks her why she was sneaking into the castle. Her reply is that a good detective trusts no one. He says that is one thing they have in common and Elisa leaves. Hudson comments that much has changed from what they knew. Goliath agrees and says that they need to learn more about this new world and the humans who rule it, if they are to defend the castle. Owen walks out and calls to Goliath.

Goliath walks into Xanatos' office. He says that it is almost dawn, and he and his friends must sleep soon. Xanatos assures him that he will only take a minute, and asks for his help. He says that the men who attacked stole three disks from him. Goliath is confused, so he tells him to think of them as magic talismans, each containing hundreds of spells. He asks Goliath if he will retrieve the disks. Goliath suggests he use a detective. Xanatos chuckles, but explains that he can't involve the police because of the gargoyles' presence. He says that they would be locked up for study. They are the only gargoyles left, and humans would fear them. "And betray us..." Goliath says. He asks what he would have them do. Xanatos walks over to a large television screen and loads a videotape. He says that he has discovered that a company called Cyberbiotics was behind the theft. Goliath looks in awe at the image and compares it to a living tapestry. "Your naivete is refreshing, Goliath," Xanatos says. He explains that the stolen data is being held in three locations: an island in the bay, an underground research center, and a flying air fortress. They all need to be hit at the same time, so one can't warn the others. Goliath asks why he needs the gargoyles. Xanatos answers that he need to retrive the disks before they are decoded, before the spells are translated. Goliath says that this is much different than defending the castle. It would endanger the lives of his charges, and he cannot risk that. Xanatos asks him to think about it, and Goliath leaves. A side door opens where a winged figure stands in shadow. "Don't worry," Xanatos says to the shadow, "everything is proceeding according to plan."


After the sun rises, the gargoyles are frozen in stone. The day passes, and the sun sets. As the sun sinks below the horizon, the gargoyles awaken once more. Brooklyn immediately jumps off his perch and prepares to leave. Goliath asks him where he is going. Brooklyn says he is going to explore the city. He says that they need to learn all they can about their new home. Goliath agrees, but warns him to stay close to the castle and stay out of sight. Brooklyn, Lexington, and Broadway all fly off.

Elisa cautiously walks onto the rooftop that she agreed to meet Goliath on. She calls to him, but sees no one. Golaith steps around the corner and startles her. She asks him why he was hiding. He says he wanted to make sure she was alone. Maza chuckles that he shouldn't worry since he could probably handle an entire SWAT team. Just then, Hudson flies in and lands behind them. Goliath asks him why he is there. Hudson answers that he wanted to make sure it was not an ambush. Elisa laughs at their seemingly overt paranoia. She turns Hudson and asks if he is coming. She stumbles for a moment and asks what she should call him (remember only Goliath has a name up to this point). He sighs and asks why humans must name everything. Nothing is real to them until they've given it a name, and defined its limits. Elisa says that it's not like that, and fidgets for an explanation. The best she can come up with is simply that things need names. He asks her if the sky needs a name, or the river. She smiles and says that the river is called the Hudson. Goliath smiles at him as he sighs in compliance. "Fine lass," he says, "then I shall be the Hudson as well." Elisa agrees and Goliath says that they should be going. Elisa wonders how they will keep others from seeing Goliath. "Simple," Goliath answers, "we will keep to the rooftops." She says that's fine for him and his wings, but what about her? Her answer comes as Goliath gently lifts her into his arms. Elisa puts her arm around Goliath. Hudson looks on with a bit of disdain. Goliath asks if he is coming. Hudson declines, saying that this world is too busy for his tastes. He flies back to the castle to guard it. Elisa asks Goliath what he wants to see. He asks her to show him the dangers that threaten the gargoyles. She tells him to lighten up and they fly off. They fly all over the city, and finally land on the top of the Empire State Building. Elisa asks Goliath what he thinks. He is in awe of the advances made by man while they slept. He says that he sees no walls, and asks how the city is protected from invaders. Elisa answers that their biggest problems come from inside, not out. "That I am all too familiar with, " says Goliath.

Back at the castle, Hudson and Bronx walk through the hallways. Bronx looks up to Hudson and whines. Hudson agrees with his feelings about the strange new world. They walk into a room with an easy chair and a TV. Hudson tests the chair and sits. The chair reclines and startles them both, but Hudson quickly settles into the comfortable chair. Bronx sniffs at the TV's remote control, and Hudson picks it up and presses a button. The TV comes to life with a rock video which sends Hudson and Bronx running from the room.

In an alley somewhere in the city, an expensive looking car containing a yuppie couple stalls out. The female half of the couple, Margot, starts complaining to her husband, Brenden. Brenden stifles her and picks up his car phone. He can't get through to the police. He gets out of the car and attempts to fix it himself. Three street punks walk up to him and offer to "help". Brenden tells them that he just called the police. They are undaunted and turn belligerent. They are about to steal his wallet when something flies overhead and lands in a nearby alley. Elisa walks out of the alley and confronts the crooks. They start toward her and she shows her badge. They are not concerned. She warns them once more and runs into the alley. A roar is heard from the alley. The punks see Goliath and attack. Goliath makes short work of them. Brenden peeks around the corner, sees the foray, and tells Margot to run. Goliath asks Elisa if that was human gratitude. Elisa smiles and says that he may be the best thing to happen to the city in a long time.

Brooklyn, Lexington, and Broadway are perched on a rooftop contemplating the wonders that they have seen. A motorcycle drives by on the street below. Lexington is fascinated and flies after it to investigate. Lexington scares the driver, who wipes out and runs away. Brooklyn and Broadway land next to him and reminds him that Goliath said not to let anyone see them. Lexington climbs onto the bike. Broadway tells him to be careful, but Lexington says that it looks simple enough. He pops the clutch, and the bike races off. It heads toward a wall, and Lexington jumps off just before it hits and bursts into flames. The three of them watch the fire and agree not to tell Goliath.

Elisa and Goliath walk through Central Park. Elisa says that they are probably the only couple in the park that doesn't have to worry about muggers. Goliath remarks that this century is just as savage as the one he knew. Elisa says that he is judging the city too hard. It may show an ugly face, but there is a nicer side to it as well. Goliath hears a rustle in the bushes. A dart gun emerges from the brush and fires into Goliath's shoulder. The commandos that attacked the castle run from the trees. Elisa draws her gun, but it is knocked away by the commandos. They easily subdue both her and the drugged Goliath. The leader draws a weapon as Elisa asks him what they want. The leader aims the gun at Goliath and says that he is just tying up loose ends.

Part 4

Act I

The leader of the commandos levels his gun at Goliath, who is incapacitated on the ground. He smiles as he says once Goliath is out of the way, they will hunt down the other gargoyles. Goliath weakly protests, but the leader tells him he doesn't have a choice. Elisa stomps the foot of the commando that is holding her, and knocks him out. She runs toward thew leader and knocks him over. Goliath fights off the other commandos and gets up. One of the commandos draws her weapon and fires at the two of them. Goliath picks up Maza and runs off. One commando follows, firing at them. Goliath runs up a small hill, and catches enough air to fly off. The leader runs up and orders his subordinate to cease firing. "They won't get far," he says.

Brooklyn, Lexington and Broadway fly over the Manhattan skyline. Broadway has a pastry that he is greedily consuming. He stops eating long enough to comment to Brooklyn that it is great, and he should try one. Brooklyn says he would have if Broadway hadn't eaten the entire cartful. The two land on a rooftop, followed by Lexington, who loses control and crash lands. Lex sighs that the city is a big place and his wings are tired. Brooklyn agrees, and comments that it is a long way back to the castle. He peers over the ledge, watches a man hail a taxi in the street below, and gets an idea.

On the street, the three hide in a doorway. Brooklyn watches and sees an approaching cab. He steps into the middle of the street, mimicks the gesture that he saw the man use earlier, and says, "Yo, taxi!" The cabbie sees what is hailing his taxi, slams on the brakes, turns around, and speeds off. "Looks like we walk," sighs Broadway.

In the park, Maza and Goliath rest under a bridge. Goliath wonders why he feels so strange. Elisa puls the dart out of his shoulder, and tells him that they pumped him full of something. She sees a small device on his back. "This is how they found us," she says as she removes it. Goliath asks her what it is. She hands it to him and explains that it is a radio transmitter. "Some form of magic that led them to us," Goliath asks as he hands it back. Elisa says that is one way of putting it. Maza notices a manufacturers logo in the shape of a stylized beetle on the transmitter. Goliath asks how the transmitter got on him. Elisa's answer is that it is a good question. A stray dog is rumaging through the trash nearby. Elisa walks toward the dog and it growls. She speaks softly and holds out her hand for the dog to sniff. It makes up to her, she attaches the transmitter to the dog and it runs off. "Let them chase rover for a while," she quips. She helps Goliath up, and they walk off.

At the castle, Hudson is watching television. He is enjoying flipping channels and laughing, while Bronx is napping, slightly annoyed at the noise from the TV. Hudson sees the dawn though a window and truns off the television. He and Bronx walk to the tower.

On the tower, Hudson and Bronx watch as Brooklyn, Lexington, and Broadway return. Hudson admonishes them that it is close to sunrise. Brooklyn says that the city is a fascinating place. They all relate their experiences with the sights of New York. Broadway, of course, remarks on the food. Hudson asks if they have seen Goliath. The others are surprised that he has not yet returned. "Aye," says Hudson, "That's what worries me."

Elisa helps Goliath walk through the park. Goliath notices the coming sunrise. "Too late," he says, "I'll never make it back before sunrise." Elisa wonders why he is so concerned about sunrise. Goliath walks toward the bushes and groggily says that he is helpless durnign the day. Elisa persists that she doesn't understand and wants to know what happens at sunrise. "You'll see," Goliath says as he kneels in the bushes. Elisa turns and sees the commandos searching the park as the sun rises. She tells Goliath that they have to keep moving, but when she turns around, Goliath has turned to stone.

Act II

Maza calls to Goliath, but he is unable to answer. The commandos come closer every second. Elisa runs into the path in front of them. They see her and give chase. One asks the leader about the beast. The leader responds that they can track him later with the transmitter. For now, Maza is their target. They chase her through the park, and come to a picnic ground. Elisa hides under one of the tables. The commandos fan out and search. One approaches Maza. When he is close enough, she trips him, knocks him out, and takes his gun. She runs off, but the others see her and open fire. Elisa shoots back, and hits one. She runs into a boathouse on the shores of a nearby lake. The two remaining commandos follow her. Elisa checks her gun. The chamber is empty. She ducks as the two outside spray the boathouse with gunfire. She notices that she is kneeling next to several leaking cans of gasoline. She runs and dives out of the boathouse into the lake as the commandos fire again and the boathouse explodes. The leader chuckles that their problem is taken care of, but his companion wants to make sure. Elisa swims underwater and comes up beneath a pier. The second commando is standing on the pier, checking the surface of the lake. When she walks over where Elisa is in the water, Maza grabs her leg and pulls he rinto the lake. The leader sees her run off and changes the clip in his weapon. He chases after her, saying that she may not know it, but she's making it harder than it had to be. Elisa runs through the park, but stops when she comes to a small stream with very large rocks on the other side of it. She can go no futher. The leader runs through the trees and sees the rock outcropping. He smiles and says, "It's over lady. Don't get me wrong, I admire you. You and that freak-job took out four of my people." He sees Elisa's jacket amongst the bushes. He jumps out from behind a tree, but the jacket is only hanging on a branch. Elisa comes at him from behind and knocks the gun out of his hands into the stream. He fights back, but she flips him and knocks him cold. "A lot to go through for a piece of lawn sculpture," she says as she wipes her brow.

Elisa sits next to Goliath. A jogger runs by and stops momentarily. "I've run this path for five years," he says, "I've never noticed that statue before." Elisa chuckles and says, "The park is full of surprises." The jogger runs off.

The sun sets. Maza is startled as Goliath awakens. She asks if he is okay. "Of course," Goliath replies. She notices that the sedative has worn off. "Sleep rejuvinates us," he says. He asks if she stayed with him all day. She answers that someone had to protect him. Goliath thanks her and says that she probably saved his life. "So now we're even," she says as the two shake hands. Goliath says that he must return to the castle. The others will be worried. Maza says she understands. Goliath turns to leave, but Elisa asks if they can meet again later that night. Goliath smiles and nods.

At the castle, the other gargoyles awaken as well. Brooklyn hops off his perch and looks for Goliath, who did not return. "Don't worry, lad," Hudson says, "we didn't survive a thousand years sleep just to lose him now." Brooklyn hopes Hudson is right. "Look!" he exclaims as he sees Goliath approaching. Goliath lands and the other express their concern. "It appears we have enemies," Goliath says.

Xanatos is watching the scene on a monitor in his office. He turns to Owen and says, "I think we're ready for him now."

Goliath explains what happened, and tells Hudson that he wishes he had come along last night. "Hudson?" asks Brooklyn. "Aye, it's my name," Hudson answers, "and what would you make of it?" They all agree that it's a good name, and that they should choose names as well. Goliath wonders what they have in mind. Brooklyn thinks for a moment and says, "Brooklyn! I'm Brooklyn." The other choose names as well; Broadway and Lexington. Lex asks if Goliath likes their names. Goliath says they're all fine names, and that Bronx should have one as well. Brooklyn gives Bronx his moniker. Bronx just growls and walks away. Lexington laughs and says that he thinks he likes it. Owen walks in.

Goliath walks into Xanatos' office. "You wanted to see me?" he asks Xanatos. "I have someone want you to met," says Xanatos, "an old acquaintance, I believe." A side door opens to reveal a figure in shadow. "Who..." Goliath starts, and gasps when he sees who it is. Demona steps out of the shadows.


Goliath and Demona embrace. Xanatos smiles at their reunion and clears his throat. "I'm very happy for you both," he says. Demona tells Goliath that they owe their reunion to him. Goliath asks how this is possible. She was smashed by the Vikings. Demona says that she feared for his safety and followed him that night. She lost her way and the sun rose before she could return. Goliath asks how she survived for all the centuries. She explains that when she returned to the castle, the Magus had already turned the others to stone. She begged him to cast his spell on her as well, so she could awaken with the rest of them. Xanatos says that he acquired her for his private collection about a year ago. After he woke the other gargoyles, it seemed a trip to the castle would do the same for her. "With you alive, I can start to live again as well," Goliath says. Demona agrees and says, "As you said, Goliath, you and I are one."

Goliath and Demona walk to the tower where the others are waiting. They greet each other and have a happy reunion. Demona asks Goliath for a favor. "Anything," Goliath replies. She says that Xanatos has told her of the stolen disks. She thinks that they should help him recover them, out of gratitude for reuniting them, if nothing else. Goliath agrees and suggests that doing this may stop the humans that hunt them as well. "Besides," he says, "with you by my side, I can do anything." Demona smiles.

In Xanatos' office, the gargoyles watch the monitor as he explains the defenses of each of the fortresses. He says that only their speed and strength can make the mission a success. Goliath says that he and Demona will take the airship; Brooklyn, Lexington, and Broadway will take the tower; and Hudson will attack the underground base. He asks Hudson to take Bronx along. "I'm perfectly capable of..." Hudson protests. Goliath rephrases that Hudson should take Bronx along, since he needs the exercise. Hudson smiles. Goliath tells them all to be careful. "Humans are more dangerous in these times," he says. They leave to carry out their missions. Xanatos smiles.

On the tower, the three young ones take off with vigor. "They'd better not be harmed," says Goliath. Demona reassures him that, while they may be young and impetuous, they are warriors. They take each others' hand. Goliath says that to soar with her again is like a dream. She says that it is time for their dreams to come true. They fly off as Xanatos watches from his office.

Demona and Goliath approach the air fortress. They are blown back by the downdraft from the rotors. They fight against the currents, and grab onto an antenna. Goliath tears through the steel hull, and hoists himself and Demona up through the hole. Goliath warns that the disk will be well guarded. "If humans wish to throw away their worthless lives, that's their concern," she says. Goliath is surprised at her lack of feeling. They walk down the hallway.

As the two of them walk through the ship, two guards come up from behind and draw their weapons. Demona turns and walks toward them, saying that they won't fire. They would damage the airship. They tell her not to bet her life on it. Goliath tells her that it is too risky, but she pounces on one. The other backs up and fires at her. Goliath pulls her out of the way in the nick of time. The bullet hits a pipe on the wall, and steam fills the corridor. The guard looks all around him, but sees nothing. His companion flies out of an adjacent hallway and hits the wall. Demona comes out of the hallway at the guard, and Goliath knocks him out from behind. Goliath tells her to hurry. The gunfire may bring other guards. Demona picks up one of the guards and holds him over the hole in the floor. Goliath stops her and asks what she is doing. She says that she is making sure they don't cause anymore trouble. "To kill in the heat of battle is one thing," Goliath protests, "but not like this." She concedes and tosses the guard away. She tells Goliath that the centuries have made him weak, and walks off. Goliath follows.

Brooklyn, Lexington and Broadway fly toward the tower in the bay. They land and Lexington says how wonderful the magic in this century is. They others agree. Brooklyn looks for a way in. Broadway walks to a nearby steel hatchway, cracks his knuckles, and tears the door off its hinges. The three climb down the ladder into the tower. Brooklyn forces open the elevator. "Xanatos said it's four floors down," he says. Broadway looks into the open elevator shaft and says that this one is not like the elevators back at the castle. Lex observes that there is not enough room to glide down. Brooklyn suggests using the "rope" in the center of the shaft. They slide down four floors, and Brooklyn prys open the door. "This is easy," says Broadway, "we'll have that disk and be home in time for supper." The door opens, revealing several armed guards on the other side. "...a late supper," Broadway rephrases.

Part 5

Act I

In Cyberbiotics' tower lab, the guards take aim at Brooklyn, Lexington, and Broadway. Brooklyn grins, shrugs, and says, "Sorry, wrong floor." The guards open fire as they retreat back up the elevator shaft. Broadway opens the door to the floor above, and the three of them dive into the hallway as the guards fire up the shaft. "Now what?" Lexington asks.

In the lab on the fourth floor, the scientists nervously watch the door as an alarm sounds. Suddenly, part of the ceiling caves in and the lights go out. The three gargoyles drop in and the lights come on. The technicians recoil as Broadway growls. Brooklyn picks up a nearby scientist by the collar and asks him where the disk is. The scientist point to a console. Lexington surveys the controls and finds the disk. The guards begin to come in the door, but are blocked by Brooklyn, who says that it's time to go. Broadway picks up a large piece of equipment and hurls it through a window. The three of them fly, with the guards shooting at them from the tower. Lex rolls over in flight and shouts, "We did it!" They fly back to the castle.

At the underground base, a guard reports to his commander that Station 1 has been breached. The commander asks for details, but the only information was something about monsters. The commander orders an increase in security.

In the tunnel outside, Hudson and Bronx approach the base. Hudson wonders how he got talked into this. He spots a video camera on the wall above the door and gets an idea.

Inside, the commander sees Hudson on his monitor. Hudson spins as guards surround him from behind. One guard says that he's not sure what Hudson is, but he bets that he's not bulletproof. The old gargoyle agrees and surrenders. The door opens and Hudson is lead inside. Suddenly, Bronx jumps the guards from behind, and he and Hudson fight off the guards. A stray bullet hits a computer console and sets it aflame. In the confusion, Hudson searches for the disk. He is befuddled by the large number of buttons and lights on the computer console and hits the machine in frustration. The disk pops out of a nearby drive. Hudson picks it up and calls to Bronx. The two run for the door and narrowly escape as the commander sounds the alarm and closes the door.

Outside, Hudson rubs his back and complains that he is getting too old for this. They hear more guards coming down the tunnel and retreat up a nearby ladder. The guards chase them through a side tunnel. The tunnel ends as a caged catwalk over a subway. Hudson observes that they'll be sitting ducks in there and tears off a section of the cage. They jump onto a passing subway train and make a sizable dent in the roof, which startles the passengers. Once the train is clear of the tunnel, Hudson grabs Bronx, spreads his wings and lets the wind carry them off the train. They land on a rooftop and tumble down to a ledge. Bronx licks Hudson in gratitude. Hudson pushes him off. "Away with you," he says, "You need to be losing some weight, and that's a fact." Hudson studies the disk and hopes that it is worth the aches he'll be feeling later.

On board the airship, the commander receives a message that Stations 1 and 2 have been breached. Two-thirds of the data have been lost. Just then, Goliath kicks in the door to the bridge. "Wrong," Demona says, "you've lost it all." While she retrieves the disk, Goliath occupies the guards. Demona reaches into the console and pulls out a power cable. She touches the cable to the instruments and starts a fire. Goliath looks at her in disbelief. "What have you done?" he asks. Demona kicks open an escape hatch and tells him to hurry. Goliath protests, saying that they just can't leave the humans. The guards uselessly try to fight the blaze while Demona grabs Goliath by the arm and pulls him out the hatch. They fly off as the engines catch fire and the airship crashes into the river. The ship begins to sink and the crew jumps for their lives. Elisa pulls up at the waterfront in time to see Demona and Goliath flying away.

Act II

Goliath and Demona fly back to the castle and deliver the disk to Xanatos. He thanks them and assures them that the information on the disks will be put to beneficial use for human and gargoyle alike. Xanatos leaves and Goliath tells Demona that he is going to meet a friend. Demona asks who, since it is obviously not another gargoyle. Goliath tells her about Elisa. Demona tells him that Xanatos is their only human friend. They don't need any others. "Humanity is our enemy, Goliath," she says, "I thought you learned that a millennium ago." Goliath protests that he cannot make war upon an entire world. He asks if Xanatos does not prove that there are good humans as well as bad. Demona asks if he can forgive the humans for what they did. Goliath reminds her that the ones responsible for that have been dead for a thousand years. "Then their descendants shall pay!" Demona erupts, "I will have blood for blood!" Goliath looks coldly at her, and reminds her of what she said on the airship. He says that the centuries have changed her as well. She is hard and unforgiving, not as he remembers her. He tells her that he is going to see his friend now. "So be it," Demona says as he flies off. Xanatos watches the exchange on the monitor in his office. "Goliath, it seems, is too hard to control," he says, "A pity."

Elisa is waiting on a nearby rooftop. Goliath lands next to her, and she asks where he has been. He asks why she was looking for him. She tells him that the Cyberbiotics installations we robbed, and that she saw him flying away from the plane wreck. Goliath explains that the disks were stolen from Xanatos and the gargoyles returned them to him. Elisa produces a piece of paper from her jacket. She hands it to goliath who sees the same beetle logo as was on the transmitter that lead the commando team to them. Elisa said she traced the emblem and found it belonged to a robotics firm owned by Xanatos. Goliath is confused and asks if he was responsible for the attack in the park. Elisa says yes, and that he probably planted the bug himself. Goliath argues further, saying that the same men stole the disks from him in the first place. She says that she checked and nothing was stolen. The disks were Cyberbiotics property. Xanatos staged the theft to get the gargoyles to steal the disks for him. "He used you," she says, "He's been using you from the beginning." He turns away, but she pulls him back and says that she knows he has no good reason to trust humans. However, he has to trust someone in this world, and she thinks he'd be better of with her than Xanatos. Goliath growls and crumples the piece of paper. Elisa smiles and says, "You won't regret it."

In the castle, Xanatos is standing beside five shrouded figures. "I'm afraid the gargoyles have outlived their usefulness," he says. He can't count on their loyalty anymore. However, with the data on the disks, he can bring their replacements on line. Owen checks his watch and says that they only need wait three hours until dawn when they sleep. Demona steps out of the shadows. "No," she says, "You need to test these replacements, do you not?" She strokes one of the shrouded figures with her claws and smiles at Xanatos, who returns her smirk.

On the tower, Brooklyn, Lexington and Broadway are relaxing. Brooklyn gazes at the city through a pair of sunglasses, while Lexington fiddles with a laptop computer. Broadway, of course, is eating. Brooklyn comments that he thinks he will like this world. Broadway agrees, saying that they had some trouble at first, but things should be fine. Suddenly, a laser blast knocks dinner from Broadway's hand. In the courtyard below, a robotic version of Goliath retracts a laser cannon into its forearm. Four additional robots stand behind Demona, Xanatos, and Owen. "Attack," Xanatos says cooly. The Steel Clan robots spread their wings, fire their thrusters, and take flight. "What are those things?" Broadway asks. Before one of the others can answer, the robots turn and open fire. The three gargoyles scatter. A laser blast catches Broadway in flight and sends him plummeting. He catches the side of a parapet, but the stone pulls loose and he falls to the battlement below. He lies unconscious among the rubble. "What did I tell you, Owen," Xanatos gloats, "A vast improvement over the originals. They're steel instead of stone. They don't sleep during the day. They can fly instead of glide, and best of all, they're 100% obedient. One of the robots takes aim at Lexington. The blast knocks him out in flight, but Brooklyn catches him as he falls. Brooklyn struggles to fly with the added load, and the robot takes aim at him as well. Just as the robot is about to open fire, Goliath catches him in midair and drives him into one of the castle walls. The robot explodes, and Goliath flies toward Brooklyn. He takes Lexington and lands next to Broadway. He pushes a stone off of Broadway and lies Lex next to him. Meanwhile, Brooklyn glides under the castle and catches a support column. He climbs back up the rejoin the battle. Hudson and Bronx run out of the castle. "What's all the noise?" Hudson asks. As if to answer his question, a robot flies around and fires on the two of them. Bronx leaps after the robot as it flies by and catches its tail. He forces it to the ground. The robot fires on Bronx, who easily avoids the blasts. Hudson draws his sword and descends on the robot from above. With a roar, he cleaves the machine neatly in two. "Never a dull moment, is there boy?" He asks Bronx.

Downstairs, Elisa runs past security, flashing her badge. "Police business," she says. The security guard stands at attention and lets her pass.

Goliath manages to get on the back of the robot that was chasing him, and starts steering it into another one attacking. Both blow up. Xanatos, Owen and Demona are forced to take cover from the debris. "Hmm, my steel clan is not performing as well as I hoped" Xanatos admits as only one robot is left - which is crushed under a piece of wall shortly thereafter.

Having destroyed all robots, the clan gathers, thinking they'd have won. Demona disagrees: "You haven't won anything, fools." and aims a rocket launcher at the five other Gargoyles, while Xanatos cocks an energy weapon.


Demona fires the rocket at Brooklyn and Goliath, who can barely dodge. Goliath asks Demona what's she's doing. "Goliath, you're a fool", she replies, "but then, you always were, weren't you?". Demona then continues to ramble about her plan to rid Castle Wyvern of the humans. Goliath is none too pleased to learn about that. Still, Demona tries to win him over to her battle against humanity - but Goliath refuses. "Very well then. If you are not my ally, then you are my enemy!" With this words, she fires another rocket at Goliath, who dodges it, but gets thrown to the floor by the blast.

Aiming very closely at him, Demona gloats: "I have a name, too, Goliath. The humans gave it to me long ago. You should know it before you die. I am 'Demona'." Just as she's about to fire at Goliath from close range, she's tackled by Elisa, and the rocket goes astray, hitting the top of the nearest tower. The falling debris knocks out Xanatos, who held the rest of the clan at bay while Demona tried to handle Goliath. Another huge piece hits the battlements, which crumble, throwing both Elisa and Demona off and sending them to a long plummet down to the ground level.

Goliath catches Elisa, but can not catch Demona, who seems to be unconcious and drops out of his sight (together with a lot of debris and stones). Grabbing Xanatos (who's barely concious), Goliath turns to the edge of the castle: "She wanted me to destroy humanity. I think I start with you." Elisa stops him, telling him that if he drops Xanatos, he'd be the same as Demona. Reluctantly, Goliath agrees - and throws Xanatos onto the stairs in front of Elisa and Hudson.

Taking their places to sleep for the day, Brooklyn's searching for his sunglasses. Bronx found them - and brings them to Brooklyn, who dons them immediately - and sees them breaking apart.

At his perch above the others, Goliath talks to Elisa. She tells him that she'll always be his friend, and Goliath agrees on meeting her "same time tomorrow". Elisa mentions "maybe we'll catch a Giants game", which leaves Goliath startled - right as the sun goes up, freezing the look of surprise on his face for the day. "I wonder if the city's ready for you guys", Elisa ponders, looking into the rising sun.



  • In order to prevent spoilers for Part One, the theme song was played at the end of the episode.
  • Elisa's line: "What could put claw marks in solid stone?" would later be paraphrased in Hunter's Moon by Jason Canmore: "What could put claw marks in solid steel?
  • The writers retroactively decided the motorcycle driver and one of the guards aboard the Fortress were the same man who became Vinnie Grigori


  • Sharp-eyed viewers will note several dogs roaming through the great hall during the banquet scene. While true to medieval custom, it also adds a nice touch in displaying hypocrisy on Princess Katharine's part, when she objects to Goliath and Demona's presence with the words "To allow beasts in the dining hall!" (Originally it was intended to immediately follow up Katharine's words with a scene in which one of the dogs proceeded to help himself to food from someone's plate, to make her hypocrisy all the clearer, but unfortunately the scene was not well-enough animated to appear in the finished product.)
  • Another deleted scene (though this one was cut out for time constraints) had Lexington fascinated examining one of the Vikings' catapults, as an indication of his fascination with all things mechanical.
  • In the original version of "Awakening", it was the Magus who made the offer to place Goliath under the sleeping spell, as the best way of making amends that he could think of. Gary Krisel, one of Greg Weisman's higher-ups, argued against this, suggesting that instead Goliath, as a result of his absolute devastation over being alone now, should make this request of the Magus. Greg and his colleagues at once accepted this suggestion, realizing that this dramatically improved the story.
  • The Alice in Wonderland sculpture that Elisa runs past while pursued by the Commandoes is an actual Central Park landmark, but it was not shown there for mere local color. The animators deliberately placed it there (as Greg Weisman and Frank Paur explained on the DVD commentary for "Awakening") to symbolize Elisa's having "fallen through the rabbit-hole into Wonderland", in a sense, through having met the gargoyles and becoming involved in their adventures.
  • Greg Weisman delivers a one-liner as a member of the Commando Squad. "Nice mask."
  • When Hudson is channel-surfing, we get a brief glimpse on the television screen of the scene at the beginning of "The Lion King" where Rafiki the baboon holds up the young Simba.
  • The names chosen for the supporting gargoyles have a particular appropriateness to them, reflecting how well their bearers respond to the modern world. Hudson, the most conservative of them, who has the strongest difficulties adjusting to the 20th century, takes his name from a river, a natural feature that had been part of Manhattan even before the humans came to dwell there. The trio, on the other hand, who are filled with enthusiasm over their new surroundings, take their names from man-made features of New York, two streets and a borough. (As for Bronx, his name was no doubt chosen on the grounds that it was the New York place-name that most evoked an animal's bark or growl!)

Memorable Quotes

Elisa Maza: What could put claw marks in solid stone?

Hudson:Must you humans name everything? Nothing's real to you 'til you've named it, given it limits.
Elisa Maza: It's not like that. It's just that, well... uh... things need names.
Hudson: Does the sky need a name? Does the river?
Elisa Maza: The river's called the Hudson.
Hudson: Fine, lass. Then I will be the Hudson as well.

Brooklyn: We should choose names too. Names that suit our new lives here.
Goliath: Oh? And what might they be?
Brooklyn: MM. Brooklyn, I'm brooklyn.
Broadway: Broadway.
Lexington: Lexington. Do you like it?
Goliath: They're all fine names. I guess he'll need a one as well.
Brooklyn: Oh ho. I've got one for him too. From now on, you're Bronx!

Demona: I have a name, too, Goliath. The humans gave it to me long ago. You should know it before you die. I am... Demona.

David Xanatos: Start hiring crews, I want to begin as soon as possible.
Owen Burnett: It may prove difficult to find the necessary manpower. This castle has a bad reputation. The locals consider it haunted.
David Xanatos: You know the answer to that, Owen. Pay a man enough and he'll walk barefoot into Hell.

Brooklyn: If they think we're beasts and monsters...
Lexington: Then perhaps we better live up to the name.

Goliath: It is the nature of humans to fear what they do not understand. Their ways are not our ways.

Elisa Maza: Listen Goliath, we haven't know each other very long and I know you don't have any good reason to trust humans... But you've got to trust somebody in this world. And I think you'd be better off with me than with Xanatos... You won't regret it.

Elisa Maza: I wonder if this city's ready for you guys.


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12. Seeing Isn't Believing
13. Angels In The Night

SLG comic books

Gargoyles #1. Clan Building Chapter One: Nightwatch
Gargoyles #2. Clan Building Chapter Two: The Journey
Gargoyles #3. Clan Building Chapter Three: Invitation Only
Gargoyles #4. Clan Building Chapter Four: Masque
Gargoyles #5. Clan Building Chapter Five: Bash
Gargoyles #6. Clan Building Chapter Six: Reunion
Gargoyles #7. Clan Building Chapter Seven: The Rock
Gargoyles #8. Clan Building Chapter Eight: Rock & Roll
Gargoyles #9. Clan Building Chapter Nine: Rock of Ages
Gargoyles #10. Clan Building Chapter Ten: The Gate
Gargoyles #11. Clan Building Chapter Eleven: Tyrants
Gargoyles #12. Clan Building Chapter Twelve: Phoenix

Bad Guys #1. Strangers
Bad Guys #2. The Lost
Bad Guys #3. Estranged
Bad Guys #4. Louse
Bad Guys #5. Strangled
Bad Guys #6. Losers

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