Bodhe was a Scottish nobleman.


In 997, Bodhe was a child, whose father, Kenneth III, a.k.a. "The Grim" was fighting to take Scotland back from Constantine. When the Grim was fighting Constantine, Constantine swore that after he killed the Grim he would kill Bodhe. This enraged the Grim enough to overpower Constantine and kill him.

In 1020 Bodhe was a friend of Findlaech and remarked that Findlaech's son, Macbeth, was far more Impressive than his cousin Duncan. That night Bodhe and his daughter, Gruoch, witnessed the murder of Findlaech at the hands of Gillecomgain.

In 1032, Macbeth had fallen in love with Gruoch, but Duncan had ordered that she be married to Gillecomgain. Macbeth was prepared to run away with Gruoch, but Bodhe said it would be high treason to defy Duncan and that Gruoch would never be safe. For Gruoch's sake Macbeth broke up with her.

In 1040, Bodhe informed Macbeth that Duncan planed to kill him. Macbeth was prepared to fight but Bodhe told him his loyal followers were no match for Duncan's forces and the only way to ensure his family's safety was to surrender himself to Duncan. On the way to surrender to Duncan, Macbeth encounters Demona and the two decide to fight Duncan together. Bodhe was seen fighting with Macbeth's forces at the battle where Duncan died. When Macbeth was crowned king, Bodhe ordered Duncan's son, Canmore, to bow before Macbeth, but Canmore refused, insisting he was the rightful king. Bodhe told Macbeth Canmore would be trouble and advised Macbeth to execute him. Macbeth refused and instead banished Canmore to England.

In 1057, when Canmore and his English allies attacked Scotland, Bodhe told Macbeth that the English didn't care who ruled Scotland, they only wanted to wipe out gargoyles, and if Macbeth foreswore the gargoyles the English would abandon the war. Demona overheard this advice and Macbeth's response that "a wise king consider's all options" and decided to betray Macbeth first. Without aid from the gargoyles, Macbeth's castle was overrun and he was forced to take Gruoch and flee. When Canmore apparently killed Macbeth and Demona, Bodhe crowned Luach king of Scotland.

Although Bodhe never seemed to wish Macbeth any harm, his advice to Macbeth always seemed to involve capitulating to his enemies' wishes. It is unclear if this is the result of cowardess or practicality, in fact Bodhe's assessment of Duncan's military superiority and willingness to kill Macbeth and his family out of spite were probably correct, and his prediction that Canmore would be trouble was correct.


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