Boudicca is a female gargoyle beast with the clan on Avalon.


Like the rest of the Avalon Clan, she led a happy life on Avalon until the attack of the Archmage's forces. During that conflict, she met Bronx, and the two got along rather well, and she helped during the battle to defeat Demona and Macbeth when they attacked Oberon's Palace.


Boudicca as a baby beast in Avalon.

Later, she attempted to attack Oberon when he threatened the Avalon Clan, but she was chained to the ground and then nearly absorbed into Avalon by the powerful fay's sorcery.

She was more tolerant of Oberon later, when he took her to Manhattan to track down Puck. She defended Oberon when he confronted the Xanatos family to take away their newborn son, Alexander, but was defeated by a blow from Xanatos. Presumably, after the rest of this incident, Oberon returned her to Avalon.


Boudicca possessed all the typical abilities and traits of gargoyle beasts, including teeth, claws and talons that can bend steel, eyes that glow red (since she is female) when in rage, and the ability to enter a regenerative "stone sleep" during the day, during which she turns into an organic stone-like substance and heals at a faster rate.

Boudicca is slender and somewhat dog-shaped. Her skin is yellowish olive green with a dun-yellow belly. She has two bony projections on her cheeks, a long snout somewhat like a beak, and a long tail with a kind of fin on the end of it. On her head she also has a crest of six spikes behind her ears, which are long and pointed.

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