Dominic Dracon was the head of a prominent crime family in Manhattan, he passed the role down to his grandson, Tony Dracon. He has taken the alias G. F. Benton.


Mace and Dominic

Dominic with his partner, Mace Malone.

Dominic Dracon and Mace Malone were partners in crime during the 1920's, until Malone disappeared with the goods he and Dracon had recently stolen. Dracon searched for years for Malone and the stolen diamonds to no avail. Years later, under the alias G. F. Benton, Dracon moved into his old office, and ran it as a museum, looking for some clue as to the diamonds' location.

In 1995, the elderly Dominic and his grandson, Tony, followed clues in an old letter from Mace that suggested the stash of diamonds were buried in the foundations of Mace's old nightclub, the Silver Falcon. During their search for the diamonds, Tony captured detective Matt Bluestone, who had come to wrong conclusions concerning his search for the Illuminati Society. Dominic, as "G. F. Benton" was visited by Matt's worried partner, Elisa Maza, gave her sufficient information to lead her to the Silver Falcon nightclub, and then informed Tony of her arrival so she could be captured as well. However, it turned out the stash of jewels was not under the nightclub, merely a mocking letter from Mace saying: "Right idea, wrong falcon". Elisa deduced that the letter from Mace was actually refering to a statue of a falcon on a building visible from Mace's old office. When Tony and his men arrived there with Elisa and Matt, Elisa managed to defeat them with Broadway's help. Dominic then revealed himself to Elisa and tried to get the jewels from her, only to see that the case hidded inside the falcon statue merely contained marbles and another letter from Mace saying: "I feel sorry for you, DD. You still haven't learnt crime doesn't pay. Your old partner Mace." Dominic was arrested along with his grandson afterwards.


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