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Elisas Appartment Building

Elisa's apartment building in SoHo

Elisa's Loft is a loft in SoHo, New York City.


Elisa Maza lives alone in her loft with her cat, Cagney, though the Manhattan Clan did retreat there briefly after the Clock Tower was destroyed by the Hunters in 1996.


Elisas Bedroom

Elisa's bedroom

Elisas Living Room

Elisa's living room

Elisas Kitchen

Elisa's Kitchen


Perhaps the most memorable event to take place in the apartment, was during a visit by Broadway. Having just gone to see his new favourite western, Broadway stopped by the loft to pay Elisa a visit. She welcomed him warmly and offered to cook a some steaks. Broadway spotted her gun, hanging in its holster on her coat hanger, and decided to play around with it. The gun accidentally fired, and the bullet struck Elisa. A guilt stricken Broadway, rushed Elisa to the nearest hospital, where she was rushed into surgery.

Elisa's loft has been attacked twice: once by Demona and again by the Quarrymen. ("Long Way to Morning", "Nightwatch")

Production background

The location of Elisa's loft being in SoHo was revealed in the Series Bible for the first season of the show. Although information in the Bible is not considered canon, this location has not been contradicted by any canon sources.

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