Findláech is the former High Steward of Moray, and father to Macbeth.


In 1020 A.D., Findláech taught his son, MacBeth, how to sword-fight and knocked him into the mud.[1] MacBeth then had Bodhe, and his daughter Gruoch over at Moray Castle. There, he played chess with Gruoch in which he lost a game to Gruoch. He then had MacBeth play against her.

Findláech and Bohe then talked about his nephew, Duncan, heir to the throne of Scotland. Despite his doubts about Prince Duncan, Findláech swore the Clan Moray would accept him. As MacBeth, Gruoch, and Bodhe went to bed, Findláech then came under attack by the Hunter, Gillecomgain under orders from Duncan to kill him to ensure his reign.

Findláech then fought the Hunter and was joined by his son. However, Findláech was then pushed off the castle wall by the hunter and fell to his to death.


Without his father's support, Macbeth was just a poor relation to Duncan. As payment for killing Findláech, Duncan named Gillecomgain the new High Steward of Moray. However, in 1032 A.D. following Gillecomgain's marriage to Gruoch, he refused to kill MacBeth for Duncan and threatened to reveal that Duncan was behind his father's death. However, Duncan betrayed Gillecomgain and told MacBeth that he was the Hunter.

MacBeth, with help from a rogue gargoyle, (whom he named Demona) was able to kill Gillecomgain. MacBeth then married Gruoch and took his father's place as High Steward of Moray. In 1040 A.D., MacBeth then learned from the Weird Sisters that Duncan was behind his father's death. MacBeth then killed him and became King of Scotland. However, MacBeth's reign came to the end when he and Demona were killed by Duncan's son, Canmore in 1057 A.D. and forced to leave Scotland to ensure his son, Luach's reign as king.[2]

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