Gargates are an order of animals composed of two families, gargoyles and gargoyle beasts. While mythological information on the first gargoyle derives from Ancient Roman texts, gargates historically predate humans and may have lived along side the prehistoric beasts such as the mammoth and the mastodon. It is believed that gargates sought out cliffs and ridges for homes, due to their winged anatomy, much like eagles. With the adaptation of human-built stone tools, gargates became more inclined to live in areas feared by men, such as extremely high mountains as a means of protecting themselves during their vulnerable daytime state. Anatomically gargates are much more well off than humans. Having developed the ability to store solar energy during stone sleep, gargates do not have to gorge themselves to sustain the muscle needed for gliding. Their increased strength when enraged may be linked to a much larger adrenal gland, used to power extended bursts of strength.


Dr. Anton Sevarius planned to mutate Robyn Canmore using a gargate mutagen garnered from Angela's DNA.

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