The Gargoyle Minority Protection Act is an act that will be adopted by the United Nations sometime in the future.


At some point between 2004 and 2188 in large part due to Goliath's sacrifice and the efforts of gargoyles and their allies to improve their reputation among humans, the United Nations approved the Gargoyle Minority Protection Act (GMPA).

It granted the gargoyles basic rights as a protected minority, treating the scattered clans around the world as a single nation-state (referred to simply as the Gargoyle Nation), and made it a crime to hunt gargoyles. (Unfortunately, it did not completely remove human prejudice against gargoyles and groups such as the Quarrymen continued to exist. The gargoyles were willing to accept what they could, however.)

Though the GMPA could have been passed at any point between 2004 (the last year Goliath is known to be alive) and 2188 (the earliest year known that the Gargoyle Nation was in existence), Greg Weisman has stated that "...I'm fairly certain that 2008 is way too early for the GMPA to have passed."

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