The Gathering is an event controlled by Oberon.


In 995, Oberon banished all of his Children from Avalon to the mortal realm to learn humility. After 1,001 years of banishment, Oberon bid them all to return. At the event, all of his Children had to swear fealty to him.

The existence of such an assembly was revealed to Goliath, Elisa, Angela and Bronx during the Avalon World Tour and finally began during the summer of 1996. ("The Gathering Part One")

Every member of the Third Race returned to attend the Gathering with three exceptions:

  • Titania, Oberon's wife, was allowed to come and go as she pleased
  • Puck was eventually banished from Avalon for life.

While it lasts, the Third Race are presumably barred from leaving Avalon (except for Oberon himself and Titania, who can come and go as they please). ("The Gathering Part Two")

How long it will last is as yet unknown, but it will continue at least until 2198 (only eight years of Avalon time).

Known Attendees

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