Pack Fox

Fox is Halfling due to being the daughter of Halcyon Renard (human father) Anastasia Renard/Titania (fairy mother)

A halfling is a hybrid of human and faery ancestry.


Through their fae blood, most halflings possess magical abilities. The nature of these powers depend on their faerie ancestor.

In addition, it seems that their lifespan depends also on their magical ancestor. While New Olympians can grow to the age of 250 years, Merlin seems to be immortal like his father, Oberon.

It is unknown if the use of their magical power influences the lifespan of a halfling, since Fox's abilities have been weakened (though she was never aware of them).

It is also unknown if halflings are vulnerable to iron like fairies. It's unlikely considering their bodies are made of flesh and blood, not magic.

Because of their fae blood, halflings are allowed to enter in Avalon.

Known Halflings

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