Halloween is a holiday celebrated on the night of October 31st.


For the gargoyles of the Manhattan Clan, Halloween serves as a night where the clan can mingle with the human populace of Manhattan.


Since the gargoyles had only awoken a short time before Halloween took place in 1994, they did not partake in any festivities. David Xanatos, however, agreed to a plea bargain for the sole count of receiving stolen property.


On Halloween of 1995, the Manhattan clan, with the exception of Hudson and Bronx who elected to stay back at the clock tower, joined the humans of Manhattan on the streets to celebrate the holiday. Their festivities, however, were cut short by the appearance of a werewolf who had been terrorizing Manhattan. They did manage to defeat the beast, which turned out to be Fox, transformed by the power of the Eye of Odin.



In part of a plan to garner acceptance for the Manhattan Clan, Xanatos threw a Halloween Masque, and invited all of the social elite of Manhattan. The party was crashed by Thailog, Burbank, Brentwood and Hollywood, who were looking to reclaim Delilah.


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