Hyppolyta was an unnamed female gargoyle of the Wyvern Clan. She never possessed a name, but Hyppolyta is used to identify her.


Hyppolyta is a biological daughter of Hudson and his mate, hatched in 918, and biological sister to Broadway. Her rookery siblings included Goliath, Demona, Coldstone, Coldfire, and Coldsteel.

Greg Weisman has made some indication that Hyppolyta may have felt that Goliath's promotion to Leader of the Wyvern Clan was unwise or unfair, and that she argued with Demona on a regular basis over the matter. She died in the Wyvern Massacre of 994, smashed by the Vikings.


Greg Weisman has said Hyppolyta was a "fine strong warrior. Fierce in battle. She was not unintelligent." Physically, he has described her as being tall, hairless, having light brown skin and burnt-red wings, and possessing two brow ridges running from above her eyes to behind her pointed ears. The coloring and brow ridges seem to have come from her biological father, Hudson, while the hairlessness seems to have been a trait from her biological mother.

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