Jeffrey Robbins is a writer and friend of Hudson.


While serving in the Vietnam War, Robbins was rendered blind, thereby ending his service. When he returned home, he began to write novels. But eventually, his inspiration dried up, and he settled into life with Gilly, his seeing-eye dog.

One night, Hudson washed up on the beach outside Robbins' home. The two got to know each other, and Hudson revealed that he didn't know how to read. Robbins agreed to teach him to read, and helped him to locate Macbeth in the phone book.[1]

Some time later, when Demona placed a curse on New York, transforming all who saw and heard it into stone at night, Robbins found himself alone, given that he couldn't see the magic to allow it to affect him. Hudson and his clan learned the situation from Robbins and were able to restore the situation to normal.[2]


Hudson shakes Robbins' hand.

After the Hunters revealed to the world that gargoyles existed, Robbins deduced that Hudson was a gargoyle. During Halloween of 1996, Robbins confronted Hudson, who admitted he was a gargoyle. Robbins revealed that he had already figured it out as his enhanced senses could pick up the faint scent of concrete that always clung to him, and shook Hudson's hand.

Goliath Cronicles

In the Episode "The Dying Light" Hudson went to say good-bye to Jeffery and at that point Jeffery realizes Hudson is going blind. He then makes a phone call to a doctor friend of his to get Hudson treated. He also reveals at this time that he already knew that Hudson was a gargoyle due to his odd visiting hours, accent and having the smell of old leather and concrete.[3]


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  2. Awakening, Part Two
  3. Awakening, Part Three
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  8. Deadly Force
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  6. The Dying Of The Light
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SLG comic books

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  1. Lighthouse in a sea of Time
  2. City of Stone Part 2
  3. "The Dying Light"

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