Jon Canmore is a former hunter who posed as Jon Carter, a reporter for WVRN. He has taken the name John Castaway.



as Jon Carter

Jon, along with his siblings Jason and Robyn, witnessed their father's death on the hands of "the demon" on the towers of Notre Dame in 1980. This prompted him and his siblings to continue hunting the demon and its kind. Jon was reluctant to do so, feeling that they were not obliged to continue their family's vendetta and that not all gargoyles were necessarily evil, much to Jason's fury.[1]

Eventually, Jason, Jon and Robyn tracked the demon down in Manhattan. Jon took the alias Jon Carter, working as a reporter for WVRN, to try and get information about the gargoyles from David Xanatos. When the siblings discovered the Manhattan Clan, they started hunting them as well, and after injuring the clan leader's daughter, the clan started hunting them down as well.

After Jason, along with Elisa Maza was thrown down a waterfall and apparently killed, Jon became convinced that all gargoyles were evil, and although Robyn was beginning to have doubts about their feud, the fact that Demona was planning to wipe all mankind out with a deadly carrier virus called the CV-1000 didn't help her case. Jon and Robyn attacked Demona in St. Damien's Cathedral, but ended up battling the Manhattan Clan, who were also there trying to stop Demona's plan. The battle was halted by the sudden return of Jason, who had survived and been convinced that the gargoyles of the Manhattan Clan were not enemies. Jon was not convinced and attempted to shoot Goliath, but Jason took the shot, resulting in Jason becoming paralyzed from the waist down. Jon almost took responsibility for shooting his brother saying "What have I ... What have they done?" This is the exact same thing Demona said in 994 when she found out Goliath had been cursed to remain stone at night. Jon, having decided to blame the gargoyles rather than himself for what happened to Jason, flew off and vowed to continue the hunt.[2]

Jon eventually took the name John Castaway and, with the help of the Illuminati, formed a new group of gargoyle Hunters, the Quarrymen.[3]

Castaway's first battle against the gargoyles as a Quarryman was a chase after Goliath throughout Manhattan that ended with a fight in the ruined police station. Castaway managed to restrain Goliath and Elisa Maza, intending to execute them both. Vinnie Grigori, a reluctant Quarryman recruit, began to have doubts about the righteousness of Castaway's dilemma, and stopped Castaway from killing the two of them. Castaway flew away, on a Quarryman helicopter.[4]

During the next Halloween, Castaway was visited by fellow Illuminatus Martin Hacker, who assured him that the Illuminati shared his desire to destroy the gargoyles.[5]


Castaway will continue to pose a threat to the gargoyles in the future. By 2198, Castaway's descendants will presumably still be anti-gargoyle and connected to the Quarrymen, and also on poor terms with the Monmouths, descended from Dingo and Robyn Canmore, as a result.[6][7][8]

The Goliath Chronicles

Note: This section is not canon.

In the Goliath Chronicles, John Castaway was arrested after battling the gargoyles with heavy weaponry that he had bought from a "third world country with a shortage of cash". He somehow got out of jail shortly afterward and trapped the Manhattan Clan inside the supposed new home of the "Castaway Corporation" and blew the building up, only for them to be secretly saved by Xanatos. He then led a group of Quarrymen to destroy the last two remaining members of the clan, who were being moved by train to a holding facility. The Quarrymen had one final battle with the gargoyles trying to rescue Angela and Bronx, while Castaway attempted to destroy the entire train and everyone aboard. The gargoyles defeated the Quarrymen and Castaway was sent to prison once more.

In the Goliath Chronicles, it is never explicitly revealed that John Castaway is Jon Canmore, and the reasons for Castaway's hatred for the gargoyles are left unexplained. He does, however, insist that all gargoyles are evil in a manner similar to "Hunter's Moon" as well as referring to them as "monstrosities" and "abominations". In the final episode, Goliath berates Castaway for destroying innocent lives for a mere "ancient hatred", implying that he knows who Castaway is.


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