Medusa is one of the New Olympians in the unproduced Gargoyles spinoff.

Real World History

The character shares her name with the mythical figure of the same name. In classical mythology, Medusa was one of three sisters-herself, Euralye and Stheno. Her sisters were immortal but she herself was mortal. All three were once extremely beautiful women, and Medusa was particularly sought after; every man wanted to have her as his wife. In spite of this, she was unable to marry because of her duties as a priestess to the goddess Athena. Her vow of celibacy, however, was of little deterrence to Poseidon, who fell in love with her and the two were caught having sex in Athena's temple. Although she forgave Poseidon, Athena punished Medusa and her sisters by having them transformed into gorgons-a race of snake-haired women with a deadly petrifying gaze and all three were banished to a dismal, remote island where they would live out the rest of their lives. Years later, Medusa was killed by the demigod warrior Perseus, who afterwards gave her severed head to Athena; the goddess placed Medusa's head on her armour and bore the image from then on. After her death, the winged steed Pegasus and the monster Chryosaor were born from Medusa's blood (she was pregnant by Poseidon at the time of her death).

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