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Mutates are a synthetic race of former humans whose DNA has been mutated so it's no longer human.

Known Mutates

  • Claw - Hybrid of human, tiger, bat, and electric eel DNA
  • Fang - Hybrid of human, cougar, bat, and electric eel DNA
  • Maggie the Cat - Hybrid of human, lion, bat, and electric eel DNA
  • Talon - Hybrid of human, panther (leopard), bat, and electric eel DNA
  • Wolf - Hybrid of human and wolf DNA
  • Tasha - Hybrid of human and armadillo DNA
  • Benny - Hybrid of human and woodlouse (roly-poly/pill-bug) DNA
  • Erin - Hybrid of human and turtle DNA
  • Thug - Hybrid of human and crocodile DNA
  • Xanatos' Mutate Army from Future Tense - Clones of Talon

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