Nashville is a young gargoyle and member of the Manhattan clan.


After bouncing around the time stream for forty years, Brooklyn returned home with several additions to the clan. Nashville, or Gnash as he likes to be called, was one of these additions. Nashville didn't have much time to get acquainted with the clan before being called off to battle Wolf, Hyena, and Jackal in Times Square.

Nashville was hatched in 1978, midway through his families Forty year journey through time. He was nineteen at the time of his arrival in Times Square, a Gargoyles biological equivvilent to about nine years old.

Brooklyn and Katana produced the egg containing Nashville during their TimeDancer adventures and he hatched nineteen years before they finally return home to Manhattan in early 1997. This makes him the equivalent of a nine year old human when he joins the Manhattan Clan. The year he actually hatched in was 1978. That being the case, when he arrived in Manhattan in 1997 he was the same age as any other gargoyles that hatched in 1978 despite his time traveling adventures between the time of his hatching and his arrival in New York.

Nashville has spent his early life traveling through time and space with Brooklyn, Katana and Fu-Dog. Because he was not a part of any one clan during his early childhood, Nashville is aware of his biological parentage. Like his father, Nashville is named after a place, though the exact reasoning for his name is unknown.


Brooklyn and Katana's first child, who closely resembles Brooklyn in general appearance, except for his light blue skin and bluish-black hair, white interior wings, and dark blue exterior wings, all inherited from his mother. He will be hatched during Brooklyn's Timedancer adventures. The origin of his name is unknown, but Greg Weisman said it has to do with where he is hatched. Nashville wears human clothing (an armless T-shirt and short khaki trousers) and wields a short kodachi sword, as depicted in the SLG comic.

Nashville speaks at least two languages, English and Japanese

He goes by Gnash for short


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