The Notre Dame Clan is a clan of gargoyles living in Paris, France.


After liberation from the Space-Spawn occupation in the late 22nd or early 23rd centuries, many cities will make bids to be the location for the newest gargoyle clan, Paris will win this bid. This clan will be founded sometime after 2198 and will occupy Notre Dame Cathedral.

Clearly, the Catholic Church is not upset about having a gargoyle clan live on one of their Cathedrals. The clan's protectorate will be all of Paris, and the Cathedral in particular.

The Notre Dame Clan will be the fourteenth clan to join the Gargoyle Nation.


Nothing is known of the background of the gargoyles that will found this clan and therefore nothing is known of their characteristics. It is possible that the Notre Dame Clan will include members of some or all of the thirteen clans that exist at the time of its founding, making it a diverse clan indeed.

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