Pendragon was one of six proposed spin-offs for Gargoyles, for which the episode "Pendragon" was a back-door pilot.

In the series, King Arthur and Sir Griff embark on their quest for Merlin, visiting such places as Tintagel, Stonehenge, and even the South Pole. Along the way, they gain the Lady Blanchefleur, Peredur's wife, for a companion. Arthur and his companions would have engaged in a number of clashes with the Illuminati (no doubt connected to Peredur's leadership of the Illuminati). They would also have encountered the Stone of Destiny again, in an episode reflecting its real-life return to Scotland in 1996. (The Stone of Destiny story appeared in issues #7 through #9 of the "Gargoyles" comic book series, making up the first half of "Gargoyles: Clan-Building: Volume Two". In "Rock and Roll", Arthur tells Macbeth and Hudson that he and Griff had searched the obvious places for Merlin, so presumably their visits to Tintagel and Stonehenge have already taken place. The Illuminati only become aware of Arthur's awakening at the end of "Rock of Ages", when the Stone informs Peredur of this; Peredur responds by alerting the upper echelon members of the Illuminati to this unexpected development.)

Arthur and his companions would eventually have found Merlin in his Crystal Cave, and somehow released him. Afterwards, they would embark upon a fresh quest, for the Holy Grail. At some point, presumably, the issue would have arisen about Arthur's having been awakened early, well ahead of schedule for "Britain's greatest hour of need" that was supposed to be the occasion for his return from Avalon, and also the issue of what his ultimate goal in the modern world would have been. (Further evidence now reveals that Arthur will ultimately found his new headquarters in Antarctica, as New Camelot.)