A Rogue Gargoyle is a gargoyle that exists without a clan as is typical. A rogue gargoyle may be the survivor of the massacre of their clan, a gargoyle who has been banished from their clan or a gargoyle who chooses not to belong to any given clan.

All of these gargoyles could be considered rogue gargoyles at some time or another:

  • Iago/Coldsteel - Banished from the Wyvern Clan from 993 to 994. Rogue from 1996 on.
  • Demona - Without a clan from 994 until she formed her clan and again a rogue from 1057 on.
  • Thailog - Never belonged to a clan.
  • Coldstone - Banished himself for the safety of the Manhattan Clan, and later in pursuit of Coldsteel. Returned in 1997.
  • Coldfire - Tracked down Coldsteel with Coldstone. Returned to the Manhattan Clan in 1997.
  • Yama - Banished from the Ishimura Clan in 1996.

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