Shari is a human, a high-ranking member of the Illuminati Society, and assistant to Thailog.


Shari infiltrated the Labyrinth under the pretense of being one of society's many outcasts. While being given a tour by Al, she met the mutates of the Labyrinth, Talon, Maggie the Cat, and Claw. Al explained to her the story of the Clones, and she expressed interest in long stories. When Thailog stormed the Labyrinth, injuring Maggie the Cat and Claw, she volunteered to go to the Castle to warn Goliath and Delilah.

When Thailog arrived at the Castle, Owen had a small army prepared for him, perhaps as a result of Shari's actions, but it's not known for certain.

Shari appeared at Gen-U-Tech, interrupting a meeting between Thailog and Dr. Sevarius, where she expressed interest in being Thailog's assistant and revealed her connection to and rank in the Illuminati Society.

As Thailog's assistant, she tells him stories that begin with "The story is told --though who can say if it be true..." She has told him of Goliath, Angela, Elisa, and Bronx' encounter with Coldstone in the Himalayan Mountains, and of the Stone of Destiny.


Shari is apparently a young woman of Arab ethnicity. However, given the Illuminati's use of rejuvenation drugs, she may be older than she appears.

Shari has described herself as "partial to long stories" as well as a "storyteller". She has expressed the desire to be told stories by others (for example Al in the Labyrinth) and tell stories to others (for example Thailog). Shari usually begins her stories with the phrase "The story is told - though who can say if it be true - ..."

Shari is Thailog's assistant even though she is much higher in Illuminati rank. Given Thailog's personality, it is unlikely he views anyone as his superior. Despite her higher rank, Thailog has threatened Shari on several occasions, despite the threats Shari never seems to be afraid of Thailog. It is most likely that they each see themselves as the other's superior and both believe that they are only humoring the other by letting them believe otherwise.


  • While writing for the comic book, Greg Weisman mentally casts new characters so he can hear a voice. For Shari, his actor of choice is Zehra Fazal. Zehra was even used as a real life model for Shari's design. Zehra played Shari in the 2009 Gathering Radio Play, Religious Studies 101: A Handful of Thorns.


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