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Xanatos in red battle armor and two Steel Clan robots.

The Steel Clan is a clan of robotic gargoyles created by Xanatos Enterprises and utilizing computer information stolen from Halcyon Renard's CyberBiotics.


The Steel Clan are armored battle robots built by David Xanatos, their abilities and appearance are modeled after gargoyles in general and Goliath specifically. Xanatos also wears a battle suit utilizing Steel Clan technology (distinguishable by its red and black color scheme and front mounted oxygen tube) that he frequently wears when he needs to do things beyond his normal physical capabilities, especially when battling Goliath and the gargoyles.

The Steel Clan robots possess rockets on their backs along with stabilizers on their feet which allow powered flight, and razor-sharp wings for maneuverability. They are equipped with retractable arm-cannons on their right forearms along with razor-sharp talons replicating the gargoyle's stone-crushing grip. The second batch onwards were capable of generating electricity along their bodies to prevent enemies from coming into physical contact with them.

Their programming is still primitive as they continue to make simple mistakes, such as flying into buildings and each other. Several Gargoyles have remarked how the autonomous androids fall for the same tactics tim and time again. In addition to this limited autonomy, (a primative precursor to Cyberbiotic's own advanced autonomous systems) the Steel Clan can be remotely controled by Xanatos, either from his battlesuit, or from a mission control in the Eyrie Building.


When billionaire David Xanatos learned of the existence of gargoyles, he immediately saw them as a resource that could be used. He attempted to manipulate and coerce Goliath and the Manhattan Clan to serve him as a personal army, though he soon realized that Goliath was not going to be as subservient as he had hoped, and may actively come to rebel against him. Having anticipated this,  Xanatos puts secondary plans into motion. Using information from competitor CyberBiotics (which the gargoyles had unwittingly stolen for him), he activated the Steel Clan, which were designed by Xanatos specifically to replace Goliath's clan as Xanatos' muscle.

Over time, several versions of the Steel Clan were created. The original version, first seen shortly after the gargoyles awoke in Manhattan[1], and an apparently improved version later used when Xanatos built his armor and used one of his robots to steal the Eye of Odin[2], were similar in design and function. Parts of a Steel Clan robot were joined to the stone remains of Goliath's dead rookery brothers and sisters to create Coldstone the gargoyle cyborg. Later advances in the technology were utilized to create cybernetic enhancements for Jackal, Hyena, and the Coyote series of robots. Xanatos then used several to capture Coldstone in Tibet.The apex of the Steel Clan technology was the creation of the robot bodies of Coldsteel and Coldfire, which included limited nanotechnology in addition to the above tech.[3]

A third and substanially redesigned version was also created by Owen Burnett called the Iron Clan. These robots were of a much heavier build. They were also plated with cold iron, which granted them an immunity to and strength against Oberon and Titania's magic. Only a few were produced, and all but one were destroyed in the fight to save Alexander Fox Xanatos. They suffered the same programming flaws as the Steel Clan robots, being tricked into flying into buildings and terrain.[4]


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