Ok, who else thinks that demona's profile pic needs to be changed, she looks like so baby faced and well, benevolent. ==Fuzzy Slippers== 21:04, May 7, 2015 (UTC)



Do we have an article like around here?

This 2009 post mentions:

I decided to start catching up on the "Ask Greg" column, and I've come across something quite bizzare...
In response to the question "In the episode Long Way to Morning, when Demona, Goliath, and Hudson turn to stone, why does Demona's cannon turn to stone too?", Greg Weisman responds "She obviously regarded it as an extension of herself at that moment."
Unless he was being sarcastic, doesn't this blow the "Gargoyles aren't magic" theory to bits?

Anyone know where I can find this Ask Greg column from Greg Weisman ? I would like to check on this, and would like to know if anyone has a screenshot of the cannon turning tostone.

Come to think of it... the clothing the gargoyles wear also turns to stone even though that's clearly organic.

So do Gargoyles somehow attune not just to clothing, but also to weapons, and bring those into a stone state as well?

Would Demona's cannon be the largest/heaviest example?

Is it purely mental or is there maybe some kind of attunement ceremony? Like if Goliath was wearing a pointy wizard hat when the sun rose, would it turn stone like his brown loincloth does or how demona's earrings, crown, and white toga change? talk2ty 05:42, March 9, 2018 (UTC)