Talos is a character on Gargoyles.


Talos is an inhabitant of New Olympus where he guards the power supply to New Olympus's cloaking field.

At the time when Boreas presided over Elisa Maza's trial, Talos spoke in favor of making peace with humanity, on the grounds that it would not be long before their technology would be capable of breaching New Olympus' cloaking device; he was ignored, however. Not long afterwards, when Proteus escaped and attempted to overload the power supply for New Olympus, Talos came upon him and attempted to stop him, but was badly damaged by Proteus in his cyclops form. Following Proteus defeat, Talos was repaired afterwards.

Talos of Mythology

In Greek Mythology, Talos is a bronze giant that was forged by the Gods' Blacksmith Hephaestus and resides on an island where he encountered Jason. His weakness is the peg that holds all the metal liquid in his body. Upon being told Hera's weakness, Jason removed the peg which shuts down Talos.

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