The Three Races are Humans, Gargoyles, and the Children of Oberon.[1] Aside from the three "main" races, there are also two synthetic races, mutates beings composed of human and animal DNA, and androids, robotic beings, as well as the New Olympians, a hybrid race descended from the Children of Oberon and mortals. The Children of Oberon are notable in that they are the only members of the three races, with the potential exception of androids, who are immortal.

The Main Three


Main article: Human

Humans are the dominant species of Earth. They are gregarious and tend to live in a variety of social networks based on family and kinship.


Main article: Gargoyle

Gargoyles are nocturnal beings that turn to stone during the day. They live in close-knit groups called clans that protect their rookeries and the surrounding area.

Children of Oberon

Main article: Children of Oberon

The Children of Oberon are a magical species based on the island, Avalon. Not much is known about their living habits, but they evidently practice marriage and divorce.[2]

The Later Races

New Olympians

Main article: New Olympians

The New Olympians are a hybrid race, the offspring of humans and the Children of Oberon. They reside on the island of New Olympus.


Main article: Androids

An Android is an artificial being created from robotic parts.


Main article: Mutates

Mutates are a synthetic race of former humans whose DNA has been mutated so it's no longer human.


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