Tricksters are a group of the Children of Oberon.


Tricksters are known for their (not fancied by all) sense of humour.

They like to make jokes and remarks about others and love to trick them.

Tricksters are always smart and clever to accomplish their goals through considerable wiliness.

Known Tricksters

  • Puck (prefers changing appearences and confusing others)
He is the servant of Oberon and loyal to Xanatos, the Manhattan Clan and especially to Alexander.
He gave also the ability to to take human form during the day to Demona.
Puck is bonded to the mirrors of Titania and Oberon.
Once he created an enchated flute.
Oberon banished him from Avalon.
  • Anansi (prefers to intrique against others)
He was the one who transformed the Panther Queen, and made Fara Maku and Tea to werepanthers.
  • Raven (prefers to lie to others)
He tries to get control over Queen Florence Island, but was always defeated by the chief of the Haida tribe who lives there with the help of Grandmother.
  • Coyote (prefers to let his actions look like coincidences to others)
He is connected to Peter Maza and was once hunted by Xanatos.

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