Venus is a gargoyle-human hybrid.


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She is a gargoyle hybrid created from the D.N.A of Goliath and Elisa. She was created to tempt Goliath, using her resemblance to Elisa to capitalize on Goliath's unattainable desire to be with Eliza due to her being human. Venus had instinctual feelings for Goliath programmed into her. Calling him her mate almost upon sight. She sacrificed herself to save Goliath by throwing herself in the path of the Medusa Device -- a device that fired a ray which turned whatever it touched to stone. She then laid at the bottom of the sea, but was last seen being resurrected by a mage.


Marvel Comics

  1. Fiends in High Places
  2. Always Darkest Before Dawn
  3. Rude Awakening
  4. Blood From a Stone
  5. Venus in Stone
  6. Venus Rising
  7. The Pack Attacks
  8. Terror in Times Square
  9. The Egg and I
  10. Out of the Past
  11. Into the Future