The Xanadu Clan is a gargoyle clan located in Xanadu, China.


One of the older clans still in existence, the Xanadu Clan has hidden in the northern mountains of China for centuries. Almost nothing is known about the Xanadu Clan other than that they have taken it upon themselves to protect the gargoyle beast species. They actually specialize in breeding the beasts as companions and "guard-dogs." In fact, this clan may be responsible for saving the beasts from extinction, as they are rare among other clans.

The Xanadu Clan will be one of the founding members of the Gargoyle Nation. The leader of the Clan and the Clan's eggs will be kidnapped in 2198 when the Space-Spawn attack Queen Florence Island.


It seems that the gargoyle members of this Clan resemble small-scale dragons. The beast clan members resemble the fu-dogs of Chinese architecture.

Known Members

Fu-Dog - leaves to join Brooklyn on his TimeDancing, and ultimately, the Manhattan Clan.


  • The Xanadu clan itself has yet to appear in any part of the Gargoyles franchise, other than former member Fu-Dog. It will likely only appear in a future installment of the TimeDancer storyline.

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