Zafiro, also known as Zafiro II is a gargoyle of the Mayan Clan and a descendant of Zafiro I and Obsidiana.


Hatched in 2158, Zafiro he is the same age as Samson and Delilah. The three of them all learned bushidotogether at Ishimura and became close friends in an almost Three Musketeers-manner. Like his ancestors in 1996, Zafiro wears one of the magical pendants powered by the Mayan Sun Amulet, which keeps him from turning to stone in the daytime. He will take part in the resistance movement against the Space-Spawn in 2198, and eventually follow Nokkar into outer space.


He resembles the Zafiro of 1996 in physical appearance, but has Obsidiana's coloring. He is less of a warrior than Samson and Delilah, being more of a bookish scholar.

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